Accelerating data product delivery.

Commercial R&D

Working with companies of all sizes, large enterprise and startup, to conceptualize, engineer, and commercialize new technology and products.

Data Products

Products and tools for data scientists and engineers with a particular focus on collaboration and shortening the path to operation.

Strategy & Architecture

Services to support a structured approach to data and platform strategy and architecture with a strong focus on change management.


Recommendation and implementation of robust infrastructure and processes for automating and productizing machine learning workflows.

NLP & Conversational AI

Text mining and conversational AI platforms and applications using NLP, deep learning, as well as commercial solutions.

Training & Education

Machine learning and data engineering for practitioners, and AI strategy and design for product owners and business leaders.


Customer-driven and technology-agnostic


Understanding context and drivers

We understand that solutions involve more than technology. Our design process takes into account commercial drivers, organisational environment, change management objectives and more.


Human-centered design

Great technology solutions allow people to shine at what they do best. Machine learning, applied effectively, should make the complex simple without diminishing human experience and accountability.


Commercial-minded and savvy execution

Solutions that are right-sized for the business case, and consider the economic and cultural factors for success.


Our work.

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Working with the Products & Innovation team in developing a Data Portal and Catalog with embedded computational notebooks for the Telstra Data Hub.

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Arloid Automation

Reducing the world's energy costs through intelligent automation of HVAC using reinforcement learning and digital twin technology. Development of a building environment simulator for RL.

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Building a platform for people to discuss, debate and resolve the issues that might otherwise divide them. Applying cutting edge research in machine learning and NLP to learn from feedback and conversations with respect for privacy.

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Taking business process mining to the next level. Creating a digital twin of the systems and processes across an organisation.

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BT Group

Definition of the Base Management data and decisioning architecture to enable one-to-one marketing, personalisation at scale, and greater leverage from ML, data and decision science.